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A flying saucer was spotted near Cuernavaca, Mexico, on Sunday, and a video of the UFO sighting was posted to YouTube on Wednesday, August 22.

The incident has all the earmarks of a spontaneous, unstaged event, and the unidentified flying object caught on tape doesn't resemble any known aircraft.

So, what is it?

The video is taken from inside a passenger car traveling at highway speed down a busy road. It appears to have been shot from the back seat, and, unfortunately, the microphone picks up the annoying sound of the wind hurtling through the open window. But it too lends authenticity to the sighting. Still, hitting the mute button might be a good idea.

As the car travels down the road, a small, dark, rounded disk is seen flying high overhead and, luckily, getting closer. As the short video winds down, the UFO comes into clearer view, traveling at a good clip.

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