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Chris and Malissa Tack’s home in Snohomish, Washington is smaller than a studio apartment. But, its 140 square feet boasts all the modern conveniences that they need to live and work. Its 140 square feet comes complete with a sleeping loft, wine barrel shower, kitchen, and two collapsable workspaces. What it doesn’t come with is extra room – Chris took seven carloads of stuff to Goodwill prior to their move from apartment to house-on-wheels.

The couple says that the house is perfect for them in their present stage in life (2 adults in their late 20s, one cat, no kids). And, their low overhead is allowing them to save money each month while also keeping a pretty roof over their heads. Prior to moving into their tiny palace, the couple paid just over $1200 per month in rent (1). Today, they pay $300 to rent a plot of land. The house itself cost $32,000 – $20k for the house and $12k for the solar array that they installed outside to provide power.

This tiny house idea is very appealing! To read more, click here.
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