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The Earth's "second moon" is the target of an innovative concept for a space mission. The proposal – put forward by a researcher in Italy – would see a light and cheap-to-launch satellite travel to the near-Earth asteroid, Cruithne. Among the novel features of the mission is the idea of having two independent "nano platforms" that can be deployed to conduct scientific surveys once the satellite has reached its destination.

Also known as asteroid 3753, Cruithne is a five-kilometre-wide near-Earth object (NEO). While presenting no risk of colliding with us, the asteroid is locked in a 1:1 mean motion resonance with the Earth. This means that the two bodies take approximately the same time to complete an orbit of the Sun, so they appear as if they are chasing each other. Viewed from Earth, Cruithne is seen to weave a bean-shaped path, coming closest at a distance of 12,500,000 kilometres away – a habit that has lent it the nickname of the Earth's "second moon".

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