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Elon Musk, billionaire founder of PayPal, Tesla, and SpaceX, is in the news again and this time his innovative mind must have been working overtime. He introduced his concept of the Hyperloop this week, a pneumatic-like chamber that he envisions could transport humans between LA and San Francisco in about 30 minutes. 
While others have certainly suggested similar ideas, both in sci-fi stories and in sci-fact forums, Musk’s announcement, if anything, gives the public a slight insight into how a corner of his brain functions.

He never seems to stop trying to solve problems, and the problems he endeavors to solve are always in the big-time. I myself am not too surprised about this. After all, the guy is physics-educated – he holds a bachelor’s degree in the subject from the University of Pennsylvania. And as he told me in a recent interview, “physics essentially evolved a framework of thinking that was very effective for coming to correct answers that are not obvious.” Not obvious indeed.

So while others are concerned about how to make a better mousetrap, Musk is focused on how to move that mouse and its trap across hundreds of miles in about the time it takes others to watch an episode of The Big Bang Theory. He teased that he won’t be dedicating much time (if at any) to the Hyperloop project, because he has to focus his energies and efforts on his two companies. But I can’t help but wonder if he has something really magical up his sleeve with this idea and hasn’t already commissioned a corner of one or more of his enterprises to analyze it, at least clandestinely.

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