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Two competing space travel companies backed by internet billionaires have placed bids on a renowned space shuttle launchpad at Kennedy Space Center. NASA is turning over its infrastructure to private sector contractors that will perform future launches.

NASA plans to sell most of the terminated space shuttle program’s infrastructure at Kennedy Space Center to individual space exploration companies. After the final launch of the Atlantis shuttle on July 8, 2011, ‘America’s Spaceport’ remains practically deserted with no launches scheduled until 2017, so NASA seeks to lease or sell the facilities it has accumulated.
The Launch Complex 39A pad, which has been standing idle for two years, is going to be sold along with a shuttle landing runway and three launch-ready spacecraft transporters.
“At this point NASA is looking to gauge interest for potential use of the [platforms] and concepts for potential use,” NASA spokeswoman Tracy Young announced recently.

That speaks volumes about where the American space program is going.  And it's a good thing. To read more, click here.
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