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I fully recognise that I may be savaged for discussing parapsychology under a rubric including the word “science”.  In 1969, the Parapsychological Association, founded in 1957, was formally affiliated with the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS), and this affiliation remains in effect to this date.  So, based on membership in the most establishment institution of science, parapsychology is science.  But is it really?

We speak of big science: I have even photographed it.  Parapsychology is small science.  There are only about 50 people in the entire world doing serious laboratory experiments in the field today, and the entire funding for parapsychology research in its first 130 years is about what present-day cancer research expends in about 43 seconds.  Some may say “What has parapsychology produced in all that time?”, but then one might ask the same of much cancer research.

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