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The R. M. Santilli Foundation is sponsoring studies on faster than light (superluminal) communications to promote the development of new communication technologies as well as to attempt contact with extra terrestrial civilizations since the speed of light is excessively slow for galactic distances. The studies will be conducted as part of a workshop September 22 to 26, 2013, in Rhodes, Greece. For details on the workshop, please visit

As confirmed everyday in particle accelerators, the speed of light is the maximal possible speed for point-like particles moving in vacuum due to various reasons, including the violation of causality and other laws for speeds bigger than that of light in vacuum. However, the Italian-American scientist R. M. Santilli noted in 1982 that extended particles moving within physical media can have arbitrary speeds since accelerations can be caused in this case by contact interactions that carry no potential energy. Santilli then predicted speeds bigger than the speed of light in vacuum for the constituents of protons, neutrons and other strongly interacting particles called hadrons (see

Subsequently, Santilli worked out in 1983 the novel isomathematics and a corresponding generalization of the basic symmetry of special relativity today called the Lorentz-Santilli isosymmetry for extended particles moving within physical media for which the maximal speed is arbitrary under the full verification of causality and other lawsFollowing these initial advances, Santilli conducted systematic mathematical and theoretical isotopic generalization of every aspect of special relativity resulting in a covering relativity today known as Santilli isorelativity which constitutes the foundation of the isotopic branch of hadronic mechanics (see the report

The first experimental verification of Santilli isorelativity was provided by the synthesis of the neutron from the hydrogen atom in the core of a star for which relativistic quantum mechanics is inapplicable because the mass of the neutron is bigger than that of the hydrogen atom thus causing the inconsistency of quantum equations. In this case, a necessary condition to represent all characteristics of the neutron is that, when compressed inside a proton, the electron must travel at tangential speeds bigger than that of light in vacuum (see the general review Additionally, the fit of experimental data in particle physics without the usual aphoristic assumption of special relativity, has established the need for superluminal speeds inside hadrons (see Volume IV of R. M. Santilli, "Hadronic Mathematics, Mechanics and Chemistry," Volumes I, II, III, IV and V, International Academic Press 2008,

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