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Ben Kravitz of the Carnegie Institution for Science in Stanford, California, said that mankind could turn to geoengineering to solve our problems with the environment - but it could have side-effects.

The sky could turn from a reassuring blue to a blank white if scientists are forced to take drastic action to tackle global warming, experts have claimed.

By injecting aerosols which scatter light into the atmosphere we could reflect more sun away from Earth and cool the planet.

But the knock-on effect would be the scattering of red particles around the atmosphere that wash out the blue.
The result would be skies that turn into a foggy or hazy white instead of the crisp colours we are used to on a summer’s day.

"Could turn sunny blue skies white?" This article is obviously a 'limited hangout' by the mainstream media regarding a decades long clandestine program of massive aerial chemtrail spraying. To read more, click here
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