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You may as well get a lot friendlier with life on Earth—every microbe and mammal, every bird and bug, and especially every human being. Because when it comes to biology, our planet may be the whole show.

Forget the overwhelming math—those trillions upon trillions of planets that are likely out there, at least some of which should be inhabited. Snuff out the one match head that is life on Earth, and the whole universe goes biologically black. We can search for biology all we want, send up all the here-we-are signal flares we can invent, but the fact is, no one will answer—ever—because no one is there.

Pure unadulterated bull puckey. Slime Magazine is yet another tawdry mouthpiece for the National Security Secrecy State. The powers that be know damn well that we are being, and have been visited by highly advanced non-terrestrial entities since the dawn of human civilization. Yet the Big Lie goes on. How anyone in their right mind could ever trust this government is beyond comprehension. When the people finally discover the truth that has been hidden from them for so long, the results will be terrible to behold. To read more, click here.