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Researchers from the University of Lincoln, UK, have completed a three year investigation into stratospheric passenger airships as part of a multi-national engineering project designed to provide a future sustainable air transport network.

A group of academics from the University's School of Engineering have been members of a pan European research team that believes airships may be the 'green' answer to the future growth of aviation.

The Multibody Advanced Airship for Transport (MAAT) project aims to position airships as the solution for future air transportation that is safe, efficient, cheap and environmentally friendly.

The problem with airships nowadays, is that helium is becoming extremely scarce. And we all know what can happen if you use hydrogen in an airship. But let's face it, automobiles are potential mobile gasoline bombs, yet we've managed to make them quite safe. I think the same thing could be done for hydrogen containment in airships. And Graphene is likely to play an important role in that containment. Plus, airships can be a quite wonderful and luxurious way to travel. ;-) To read more, click here.