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ET could be out there and be far more advanced than we ever imagined.

Top astronomers have been scouring the universe for signs of life and have detected unusually high levels of radiation in 50 different galaxies.

It's thought that technologies from highly-developed extraterrestrial civilisations could be the source of these uncommonly high levels of radioactivity.

And the discovery has got many experts brimming with excitement about finding extraterrestrial life.

Penn State University, which commissioned the study, observed more than 100,000 galaxies.

Of those, only 50 hinted at the presence of advanced life.

Radiation could be emitted by these alien civilisations in the same way Earth radiates heat and light.

Roger Griffith, a researcher from the Pennsylvania university and the lead author of the paper, said: "We found about 50 galaxies that have unusually high levels of mid-infrared radiation.

“Our follow-up studies of those galaxies may reveal if the origin of their radiation results from natural astronomical processes – or if it could indicate the presence of a highly advanced civilisation."

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