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This morning I received a copy of the book "WHAT NEXT ? White Paper of CSN1", a publication of the Italian INFN (National Institute for Nuclear Physics) addressing the question of what awaits us after the Higgs discovery, and what projects should be supported in the long-term future of HEP.
The book is the result of one year of work by many colleagues who have actively participated in four working groups and one task force, producing some preliminary studies of the discovery potential of this or that machine, and of the most important questions that need to be answered -and the projects that appear more suited to answer them. Editors of the work are Franco Bedeschi, Roberto Tenchini, and John Walsh.

The working groups were thus titled:

- Standard Model 
- Beyond the Standard Model
- Flavour Physics
- Non-perturbative QCD
- Task force on new technologies

Following the good advice provided in the introduction ("Executive Reading: This document includes a considerable amount of information... A Summary and Outlook section is provided at the end of each of these chapters. We suggest to readers who wish to have a broad and general view of the subjects to read these summaries and the final recommendations in Chapter 8."), I skipped all the gory details and read those summaries - what's best than a broad and general view ? Especially when it comes with just a few pages of reading....

I think I can make an executive summary of the summaries I read, if you are too busy to get to read the document yourself (it's available in electronic form here):

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