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Progress in the Retrocausal Interpretation of Quantum Theory and Beyond
Jack Sarfatti
1) A review of recent papers by Huw Price, Ken Wharton, Yakir Aharonov and especially Roderick Sutherland on the retrocausal weak measurement reformulation of David Bohm’s 1952 pilot wave theory that show that all quantum weirdness is essentially retrocausal in origin as first suggested by Oliver Costa de Beauregard in the 1950s.
2) A review of papers by David Deutsch, Seth Lloyd on supercomputing solving NP problems on simulated Closed Time Like Curves (CTC).
3) Quantum theory is incomplete for the same reason that special relativity was incomplete prior to General Relativity. Both quantum theory and special relativity violated Einstein’s organizing idea of action-reaction (AKA “background independence”). The direct back-reaction of matter on geometry together with the equivalence principle was needed to explain gravity as the geometrodynamic field of curved spacetime. Similarly, David Bohm and Basil Hiley showed that the reason that quantum entanglement cannot be used as a stand-alone communication channel without a classical signal key is the lack of direct back-reaction of the classical beables (aka “hidden variables”) on their guiding pilot wave quantum information fields. Roderick Sutherland (2006 - 2015) has formulated this intuitive idea using the battle-tested Action Principle applied to Bohm’s pilot wave theory with Aharonov's weak measurements and explicit two-way action-reaction between particles and pilot waves. The new post-quantum theory is special relativistic covariant and the use of higher-dimensional configuration space for many-particle entanglements is not needed. Everything can be pictured in 4D spacetime using Costa-de Beauregard’s “zig zags.” The statistical predictions of orthodox quantum theory is regained in the limit of zero post-quantum back-reaction of particles on their pilot waves. It turns out that the condition of zero back-reaction gives de Broglie’s original guidance constraint in which the particle trajectories coincide with the pilot wave phase gradients. Non-zero back-reaction also corresponds to Antony Valentini’s “sub-quantum non-equilibrium” with his “nonlocal signal nonlocality” that are really globally self-consistent pilot wave quantum information retrocausal signals violating the statistical predictions of orthodox quantum theory in a larger setting.