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Researchers from California have recently revealed a model for galaxy hunting robots. According to reports, the prototype system has been designed and will be used for discovering the secrets of dark matter in space and creating the most detailed and in depth three dimensional map of the Universe.

Over 200 scientists who belong to more than 45 global institutions will reportedly be managed by the Berkeley Lab to develop a 5,000 strong space bots network, called Dark Energy Spectroscopic Instrument (DESI) which together will trace stars, black holes, galaxies and other celestial objects and galactic features to make the most comprehensive 3D map of the Universe. The first step for the project is testing the scaled down  ten-robot system  prototype, ProtoDesi, which will help the researchers monitor familiar, bright stars at the onset to check the accuracy of the robots in mapping movements in space. The initial test of the system can start as soon as August at the Kitt Peak's Mayall telescope at Arizona's Tucson.

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