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Researchers have developed a new computing technology called “organismoids” that mimics the way human thought works, forgetting less important memories and keeping critical information. Quantum materials have made the advance possible.

Researchers have developed a new computing technology that learns how to forget less important memories and hold on to critical information. The technology is called “organismoids,” and it mimics the way human thought works, making room for new information and lifelong learning by purging information that’s not as important.

“I learn slowly, but I keep forgetting other things along the way, so there is a graceful degradation in my accuracy of detecting things that are old,” Purdue University’s Edward G. Tiedemann Jr. and distinguished Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering Kaushik Roy explained to “What we are trying to do is mimic that behavior of the brain to a certain extent, to create computers that not only learn new information but that also learn what to forget.”

Samarium nickelate, a ceramic “quantum material,” was central to creating the organismoid devices for this work. “These devices possess certain characteristics of living beings and enable us to advance new learning algorithms that mimic some aspects of the human brain,” Roy said to “The results have far reaching implications for the fields of quantum materials as well as brain-inspired computing.”

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