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After a relatively long news hiatus, the impossible EM (Electromagnetic) Drive is making a comeback. Researchers from China’s space agency have released a video through state media earlier this month showing a supposedly-functional EM Drive. Have the Chinese finally made the impossible happen? Let’s not be quick to jump to conclusions here, though — at least not as fast as China did.

First, let’s review where we are with the EM Drive. Prior to this month’s update, there were two supposed breakthroughs regarding the EM Drive. One was a NASA peer-reviewed paper that claimed the EM Drive can work, at least theoretically. The results, however, have been largely contested by experts and is considered controversial at best. We’ll get to why in a bit. Then, there was news that China claims to have proven that an EM Drive works and it began testing one. The latest video, presumably, shows that the tests have been successful.

I doubt it. To read more, click here.