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The authors present an analysis of Apollo 15 and Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter images of two unusual features in the crater Paracelsus C on the far side of the moon. At first
glance these structures appear to be walls or towers on the lunar surface.By combining multiple images, we show the larger feature, oriented in a northeast/southwest direction, is not simply a wall but two walls on either side of a narrow valley or “passageway”. Using single image shape from shading and 3D terrain visualization
weshow in a computer-generated perspective view looking northeast that the southwest end appears to be the entrance to the passageway. A reverse angle view looking southwest shows the passageway ending at a rise of terrain at the other end, possibly leading underground. The terrain surrounding the two structures is not flat but appears “excavated” by some unknown mechanism, natural or artificial. It is shown that these objects are visually different from the lunar background because the underlying structure is different.

Very compelling evidence of artificial structures on the lunar far side. This is potentially earthshaking, akin to the discovery of the monolith on the moon in 2001: A Space Odyssey. It will be extremely difficult for the Deep State gatekeepers to debunk this evidence. To download the .PDF of the paper, click here.