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NORTH KOREA has already provided plenty of evidence that the dynastic regime led by Kim Jong Un threatens the world and its own people. He has developed and tested nuclear weapons; built intercontinental ballistic missiles; brewed chemical weapons such as VX (a nerve agent reportedly used to kill his own half brother) and forced untold thousands of people into concentration camps. Now comes news that he is collecting the capabilities and know-how for biological weapons that could be used for germ warfare.

The Post’s Joby Warrick reports that North Korea has been acquiring the essential machinery and seeking the know-how to produce large amounts of germ-warfare agents rather quickly. So far, Mr. Kim has not deployed germs into weapons. But U.S. officials are alarmed at signs that technology, barred by sanctions, has been identified within the country, while at the same time Pyongyang has exhibited an interest in genetic engineering and other biotechnology disciplines.

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