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On Dec 28, 2017, at 10:24 PM, Bob Tarantino  wrote:
Thanks for the fascinating link. From the footage, my concern is that can we determine that this is actually anti-gravity, or can it simply be a drone of some kind using a conventional type of propulsion? It did appear to rotate, but the video is not very clear.
There does appear to be ionization of air? I don't know how old this video is. In some cases, there will be a black spot in the center caused by the cancellation of light waves when filmed. This was seen in many of the Mexico UFO videos years ago."
What is reported in the USS Nimitz close encounter videos is obviously low power warp drive along the lines of my 2011 DARPA-NASA 100 yr Starship Talk on nano-engineered very high temperature superconducting meta-materials. One of my associates ON THIS LIST actually had possession of Roswell “saucer” debris that I think was such a material as my speculative theory envisions. I see that Gary Nolan, who is not a physicist, but is somehow connected to the physics group at TTS has a watered down version of my ideas in an UFO interview. Larry Lemke, who was asked by Bob Bigelow to join NIDS (years ago) is familiar with my ideas and was with me at the DARPA-NASA Starship Meeting in Orlando, Florida 2011 when I gave the talk.