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Graphene is the next big thing in… well, everything. It’s been used to desalinate water, make batteries recharge ridiculously fast, and create a paper-like material ten times stronger than steel.

The next frontier for graphene: outerwear, brought to you by the adventurous folks at Vollebak.

Experimenting with wonder materials is in the company’s DNA. They’ve dabbled with Kevlar in the past, so it’s only natural that they decided to introduce a graphene garment.

Their initial offering is the relatively nondescript black jacket you see here. Vollebak says it’s “part coat, part science experiment.” Unlike their 100 Year Hoodies (which are 100% Kevlar), the graphene jacket isn’t pure graphene. It’s graphene coated.

Vollebak doesn’t get into any real details about the jacket on their website. Does the graphene layer make the coat waterproof without sacrificing comfort and breathability? Possibly. Is it bulletproof? Probably not.

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