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An analysis of 20 years of spacecraft data from NASA dismisses the possibility of terraforming Mars, a hypothetical process of making the Red Planet hospitable like Earth.

Ultimately, the study ruled that there is an inadequate supply of carbon dioxide on Mars to create an atmosphere that can sustain life. The team of scientists who worked on the analysis said the CO2 on the planet is not thick enough to produce liquid water on its surface.

The team tallied all the possible scenarios of releasing enough CO2 on Mars, but it all leads to the conclusion that there is no available technology on Earth at present to make the terraforming possible.

Elon Musk disagreed. In a tweet, he said Mars has massive CO2, and it can only take either an artificial or natural fusion to release them.

What gives humans the right to terraform another planet anyway? Imagine a highly advanced alien species from a planet completely different from Earth doing that here.  To read more, click here.