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The former central province of India, presently Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh, was the place of pre-agrarian human settlement even before the great tectonic plate movement.

That’s the reason why a number of sites of prehistoric cave paintings have been found in the region. Some of them are known to us like Bhimbetka where we mainly find cave paintings made by a hunter-gatherer population.

Recently in the Hoshangabad district of Madhya Pradesh, just 43 miles from the local administrative centre of Raisen, ancient 10,000-year-old rock paintings depicting UFOs and extra-terrestrials have been discovered in the caves. The caves are hidden deep within dense jungle in Charama region in Kanker district in tribal Bastar region. Located about 130km from Raipur, the caves come under village Chandeli and Gotitola.

A group of anthropologists working with hill tribes in a remote area have made a startling discovery of intricate prehistoric cave paintings depicting aliens and UFO type craft next to a look-alike ‘wormhole’ formation in the sky.

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