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Quantum computing is the single most important technology in development today. As grand as that sounds, it’s hard to dispute that the industry is experiencing an inflection point. In the past year alone, tech giants like Google, Microsoft, Intel, and IBM have made bold investments and promises for their own quantum development.

Today, more than 70 real-world prototype applications run on D-Wave quantum computers. In September, the U.S. House passed the National Quantum Initiative Act, a bipartisan bill to accelerate education, research, and development; the Senate is now considering the bill.

It’s an incredible time to be working in quantum computing. The explosion of growth and progress has brought increased attention, investment, and adoption. However, it also brings increased confusion and seemingly conflicting opinions.

This manifests most obviously in the questions I’m asked. It’s no longer, “What is quantum computing?” and “Is it real?” Today, it’s, “When will this be real?”, “What will it look like?”, and perhaps most often, “Who’s going to win the quantum race?”

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