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We present the gravity description of evaporating black holes that end up with eternal traversable wormholes %(ETWs) where every would-be behind horizon degree is available in asymptotic regions. The transition is explicitly realized by a time-dependent bulk solution in the two-dimensional Einstein-dilaton gravity. In this solution, the initial AdS2 black hole with singularities is evolved into an eternal traversable wormhole free of any singularity, which may be dubbed
astransparentization of black holes to eternal traversable wormholes. The bulk construction completely matches with the boundary description governed by the Schwarzian boundary theory. We also obtain solutions describing eternal traversable wormholes as well as excitations by an additional matter and graviton oscillations on eternal traversable wormholes, which show that the eternal traversable wormhole states are gapped and non-chaotic. Embedding the 2d solution into a 4d traversable wormhole connecting two magnetically charged holes, we discuss 4d scattering of a wave incident upon one end of the traversable wormhole.

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