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Travelling through the vast expanse of the galaxy and the beyond it is limited by modern technology and the short lifespan of human life. Scientists are now looking at alternative ways astronauts can explore the galaxy, without relying on traditional rocket engines. One proposed theory is spaceships could jump through black holes or wormholes connecting two points in time and space.

Brian Cox, a renowned TV physicist and professor at the University of Manchester, has now sparked hope wormhole travel could become a reality.

The particle physicist appeared on the Joe Rogan Podcast where he discussed all manner of scientific theories, from microbial alien life on Mars to the Big Bang and background cosmic radiation.

But among his bigger revelations was the idea wormhole travel could be absolutely harmless to spaceships and the astronauts onboard.

Professor Cox said: “So you fly from Australia to LA and you have to go quite a long way around this edge of the Earth or you could tunnel straight through and get there quicker. That’s a wormhole.

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