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The Mars, we know today is a barren land with no signs of life. But, a new study conducted by a team of researchers at the University of Chicago has suggested that rivers have once flown across the surface of the red planet.

The new research report adds up to the evidence that Mars had once a thick atmosphere and it might have harboured some kind of extraterrestrial life in the past.

The study found that a vast network of rivers had flown across the planet for more than billions of years. But, the research did not provide a hint to anything about the ancient climate that might have persisted on the Red Planet.

Researchers revealed that the flow of Martian rivers was so intense, they were wider than the running water bodies on earth. As per the study, rivers had flown in hundreds of rivers across the planet and it is still unclear whether these water bodies might have loaded with extraterrestrial life, at least in microbial forms.

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