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“The nightmare of particle physics is the dream of astronomers searching for extraterrestrials,” says astrophysicist Brian Lacki, Institute for Advanced Studies in Princeton, New Jersey, who proposes that advanced civilizations may want to build a black-hole-powered particle accelerator to study physics.

Astrophysicist Paul Davies at Arizona State told Hamish Johnston of Physics World, that he believes that it is very difficult for homo sapiens of Planet Earth today to understand why an advanced civilization would want to build a particle accelerator to study physics at “Planck-scale” energies.

“Why do it?” Davies asks. “Perhaps to create a baby universe or some other exotic space–time sculpture,” he conjectures. “Why do that? Perhaps because this hypothetical civilization feels it faces a threat of cosmic dimensions. What might that threat be? I have no idea! However, a civilization that knows a million times more than humanity might perceive all sorts of threats of which we are blissfully unaware.”

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