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A new German documentary claims to lift the lid on the real reason behind the infamous Roswell UFO conspiracy.

It's nearly 70 years since the bizarre incident first captured the imagination of conspiracy theorists the world over.

The once sleepy New Mexico town became the focal point of the biggest extraterrestrial hunt in history following reports a flying saucer had crashed into the desert.

In 1947, the alleged sightings sparked worldwide panic until the US military claimed the incident was nothing more than a downed surveillance balloon.

Now a German documentary investigating the sightings on July 8, 1947 claims it has uncovered new evidence, claiming the mysterious flying saucer was in fact a top secret Nazi ROCKET.

The feature, entitled 'UFOs and the Third Reich', reports the 'incident' was actually behind closed doors tests on the 'Bell' - a futuristic three-metre aircraft which used electric particles to fly.

I don't think this documentary "explains" anything about what really happened at Roswell. To read more, click here.