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A WAR of words has erupted between rival Yowie hunters over a spate of new “sightings” of the mythical creature.

Brisbane mates Jason Heal and Jason Dunn claim to have captured clear footage of a bigfoot in a forest on the Gold Coast hinterland.

But their videos have been dismissed by self-described Yowie “researcher” Dean Harrison, who has labelled the pair “court jesters”.

Mr Harrison, who runs the Australia Yowie Research website devoted to proving its existence, said the duo was “not to be taken seriously by any researcher”.

But Mr Dunn, a Brisbane cleaner, has hit back saying Mr Harrison and his followers were jealous of the new “evidence” they were amassing.

“I think they’re intimidated by us because we are the only ones getting (footage). They can’t get stuff like we have got,” said Mr Dunn. “If they have been doing it for 20 to 25 years you would think they would have videos and images.

“We’ll show them what’s really out there.”

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