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ad news for the Nov. 12 “UFOs: Encounters by Generals, Pilots and Government Officials” conference at American University — Miles O’Brien is out.

“I’ve had to cancel my participation in this event because of another assignment,” the PBS science correspondent and former CNN anchor stated in an email to De Void. “I have no problem addressing this issue and have done so publicly in the past. And I intend to in the future. I’m just too busy right now.”


John Weiskopf, the AU film professor who’s sponsoring the panel discussion, hasn’t settled on a replacement, but “we are working on it,” he writes. “It will be somebody good.”

If only. You'd stand a better chance of starting a turtle feather collection than of booking a blue-chip mainstream journalist who knows beans about The Great Taboo. About the only sure-fire things that pass for UFO coverage these days are breezy little blurbs about ambiguous images in the night sky. Here’s the latest and, swear to god, when I first read about this one it sounded so familiar I thought they were flogging the same dead horse from August.

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