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UFO images posted online by Thirdphaseofmoon on Oct. 28, 2014 could be the most shocking photos documenting an unidentified flying object yet. The startling object was photographed by a woman who wants to remain anonymous. She gave them to a man, Julio Garcia, who sent the images to Blake Cousins of Thirdphaseofmoon. In turn, Cousins shared them with his more than 190,000 subscribers.

Of course, as with any UFO images on the Internet these days, there is the possibility of these pics being part of a hoax. If these UFO pics are real, they could be the most shocking unidentified flying object images ever taken. The unidentified woman explained what happened the night the photos were taken.

"The other night after visiting my family in Northern California luckily, I had a camera with me while I was driving on a country road and had the opportunity to take three photos, of what appear to be a flying saucer. I don't know if it was an ovni or government or something. All was quiet. There was a silence, and then it disappeared behind a tree, just like that."

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