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UFO sightings are almost a daily occurrence, but some are more intriguing than others, like the UFO that was surrounded by helicopters. This is a case still talked about today. Then there's the case of an unknown spacecraft that plays cat and mouse with jet fighters, this is another UFO sighting that can’t be ignored. These sightings are too detailed and seen by too many reputable people to dismiss them as being mistaken for a weather balloon.

How about the case of the Australian pilot disappearing mid-flight just after he radios in that a “strange craft” appears to be “dancing” around his aircraft? This is another encounter not to be taken lightly, according to Open Minds TV on Oct. 30.

One of the most disturbing of the documented events of a UFO encounter happened to three people in Texas. Two women and a seven year-old boy were driving home one night on a rural road and what they encountered changed their lives forever. They were in the Piney Woods just outside of Huffman, Texas in 1981 when they saw a UFO hovering over the road ahead of them, describes the website Blue Blurry Lines. This is one of the cases that is highlighted in a new series from National Geographic airing on TV starting next week. This Piney Woods case had too much documented evidence to be ignored. These three people encountered some type of UFO.

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