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The Falcon Lake UFO incident on May 19th, 1967 in Whiteshell Park, Manitoba, Canada is an event which UFO believers and skeptics have been splitting hairs over for decades.

On one hand, many believe Stephen Michalak’s story about confronting a UFO and the burns he received. On the other hand, skeptics believe Michalak’s story reeks of a hoax. This article will serve as an example of reading between the lines when one encounters pro & con UFO debates.

Post WWII, one of the first things the newly formed CIA did was become involved in UFO sightings. There was a whole heap of experimental aircraft out there needing to be hushed up. Moreover, there was a new generation to manipulate. 1947 is the year in which the UFO phenomena hit the big time. Moreover, the CIA formed the same year. That is some coincidence don’t you think?

Hence, there is a lot more to Mr. Kenneth Arnold and the Mt Rainier UFO incident than first appears. Sadly, it is not the time and place to go into it. What I will say is numerous organizations emerged after he went public.

NICAP (National Investigations on Aerial Phenomena) was easily the most prominent. The big problem with NICAP was its infiltration on all levels by the CIA, and to a lesser extent the ONI. Indeed, many believe the CIA set up groups like NICAP to monitor errant voices and dissidents. (1) (2)

It's pretty much a given that all private UFO investigation organizations, MUFON included, are heavily infiltrated by government spooks.  To read more, click here.