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The legendary Area 51 incident has intrigued UFO enthusiasts for decades, but has largely been written off as a case of mistaken identity. That is, until UFO expert Tom Carey received the original Kodachrome slides of ‘insect-like aliens’ that were allegedly taken after an alien autopsy performed by the U.S. government in 1947, says a Nov. 16 Metro report. Carey claims the images of aliens from the Roswell incident were sent to him from a woman involved in an American intelligence agency.

According to Carey, he contacted Kodak historians to verify the authenticity of the photos. The Kodachrome color slides show an alien body lying in a case. Carey says an official Kodak historian from Rochester, N.Y. verified that the slides are from 1947 and are unaltered. According to Carey, there is an obvious difference between his photos and previously released photos or videos of aliens from Area 51.

Carey describes the aliens as three to four feet tall with insect-like heads. He claims the slides depict an alien body that has been autopsied. The head has been removed and innards are visible in the photos, or so he says. The images will be released early next year when Carey intends to reveal his findings.

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