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Pretty much everyone knows what a ‘UFO’ is and we’ve all seen the countless videos out there and in the media. Whether it’s a shorter video showing orb-like aircraft with lights hovering, or whether it’s a longer video of ‘hovering coloured lights,’ there is a massive lack of certainty surrounding this subject.

There’s nothing new about this though. For decades, there have been both recorded and unrecorded sightings of UFOs and even of the extra-terrestrial beings who supposedly pilot them. One of the biggest problems though, is filtering the nonsense and the attention seekers from those who are telling the truth and are genuine.

More recently though, it has become clear that in some of the released cables from WikiLeaks, which have caused much dispute and commotion the world over, there are some nuggets of information regarding UFOs and extra-terrestrial encounters. However, there is very little if any information provided by these cables which could be described as sensational.

The coverup was exposed long ago. To read more, click here.