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Investigator Brian Vike’s Note: For this report, report seven, I start off with another large case. Missing Time In Kelowna, British Columbia.

Alien Abduction/Missing Time in Kelowna, British Columbia - One Ladies Story (Pictures)

By Brian Vike (The Vike Factor - Houston, British Columbia Centre For UFO Research)

The story is real, but one of the names in this report is fictitious for obvious reasons. Corina, the driver of the vehicle is her real name.

Monday - August 18, 2003 I received a telephone call from Corina who lives in Kelowna, British Columbia.

The lady was very upset and had a time speaking of the event that took place with her and a close female friend of hers.

She told me today that a friend had brought over a newspaper article which was run in the Kelowna Capital Newspaper. The headline read "Seeking Witnesses to UFO." which showed up on August 15, 2003.

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