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One thing people do not realize about my work at TSW is while I can be rather feisty, it is important an author credit authentic folk with opposing arguments when it is due.

Moreover, rather than prop up straw candidates to give a faux balance, I believe one deserves to encounter the best of the other side’s sources. It is only through examining the most consistent researchers and reliable arguments that one can make a rational decision.

Hence, I want to like Kevin Randle. His overall views on UFOs are a little different than mine. Nevertheless, like other more respectable figures riding the UFO prairies (Don Ecker, Bob Hastings, Brad Sparks, and Barry Greenwood), he cuts a lot of the bull on UFO issues and overlapping conspiracy topics.

However, out of this bunch, Randle appears to be the most conflicted. He ditched epic failure Don Schmitt only to reunite with him in 2013. He has regularly commented negatively on MJ-12 believers, yet also respects Bob and Ryan Wood. (1)

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