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If there’s a volcano, there’s bound to be UFO activity nearby and Mount Etna on the island of Sicily is no exception, with many UFO sightings reported there. Last week, a green cone-shaped UFO was spotted on thermal images entering an active vent of Mount Etna in the pre-dawn hours. Should locals pack their bags and head for the mainland?

Mount Etna is the tallest and most active volcano in Europe, with records and evidence of its eruptions dating back 500,000 years. Its latest period of heightened activity began in 2001.

On October 30th, an unnamed volcano watcher spotted a series of pictures on the Italian National Geology and Vulcanology (INGV) website showing thermal images of a green cone-shaped UFO descending into one of the volcano’s vents from 6:42 am to 6:54 am local time. By 7 am, the UFO was gone. Here’s the sequence (starting with the photo above):

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