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Dude, what’s up with Mother Jones? For the third time in seven months, reporter A.J. Vicens has gone UFO and nobody’s revoked his press badge. What gives?

The latest offering comes just hours before tonight’s Republican presidential contender soiree in Milwaukee, under the headline “The Debate Is Over. This Is the Best Candidate for UFO Disclosure.” Never mind that the headline doesn't square with the copy. Vicens managed to find and post an eight-year-old clip from John Kasich’s days as a Fox News host for a segment called “Heartland,” in which Kasich refereed a lame excuse of UFO debate. It pitted Bill “The Science Guy” Nye against New Agey author David Sereda, whose Facebook page says he “Studied at University of the Universe.”

Kasich never volunteered an opinion one way or the other on UFOs during this seven-minute segment, but what the hell, man, the door’s wide open now, let’s drag the Ohio guv into The Great Taboo the same way Tim Russert dropped a bomb on Dennis Kucinich during the Democratic primary debate in 2007. The fact that Kasich had the gall to even schedule a discussion on UFOs suggests some deviant character flaw that Fox Business Network panelists need to take a good hard look at tonight; after all, Kasich soiled the Fox brand on their parent company’s schedule. And while we’re at it:

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