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A computer with a Department of Homeland Security (DHS) IP address recently visited 'The UFO Trail' blog. The user viewed the post, 'Dead Men Do Tell Tales: The Strange Case of Jeffrey Alan Lash', and exited by following links to related stories on other UFO websites. 

The bizarre Lash case drew attention around ufology earlier this year when the corpse of Lash, incredibly described by his reported fiancee and an associate as an ET-human hybrid who worked with the CIA, was discovered by police in a vehicle in Pacific Palisades, Cal. The resulting law enforcement investigation turned up some 1200 guns and nearly a quarter of a million dollars in cash located in a condo associated with the recently deceased man and his fiancee. Police promptly reported that foul play was not suspected in the death, but further details of the odd circumstances have not yet been released by authorities.  

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