A man has submitted a new video showing a purported “alien” home invasion in a Florida town in Lee County.

Ward Weinheimer, 52, told Cryptozoology News on Sunday that the new footage shows a clearer view of the encounter he, his mother and daughter, had with the “beings” in 2012. He had previously contacted Cryptozoology News with a blurrier video of the incident.

“This is a new video, I am not sure you would be interested,” he said. “That night I did not leave the camera on while I slept. After finding this video on my cell phone, I started to film myself while I slept.”

The exclusive images, taken from a different angle and presenting a visual improvement over the originally submitted videos, shows what Weinheimer calls a “creature in a pod” and two “alien robots” or “beings”. The 5-minute footage was reportedly shot with an older 2009 cell phone camera and edited in different speeds. It initially shows the “pod creature” laying on the bed, followed by two different grey-looking “humanoids” that approach the bed in front of the camera. One of the alleged humanoids is covered in a grey metallic layer, which he refers to as a “robot alien”, while the other features human-like skin. A person can also be seen getting off the bed.

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