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Last night, Art Bell canceled his program MIDNIGHT IN THE DESERT at the last minute due to a ‘serious incident’ which occurred. The description of the events told tonight on Thanksgiving eve were chilling.

Bell said ‘somebody or somebodies don’t want me on the air,’ as he went on to explain several recent instances starting with the October live radio shooting that occurred while Bell was broadcasting. A police report on the matter was filed, and many neighbors heard the shots. One described a dark car and reported witnessing the person shooting the rifle near Bell’s studio on his property.

On November 18, Bell said another incident occurred at 7:50 PM PDT, where  a call was placed to his house and a man’s voice said if he went on the air that night both he and his family ‘would be killed.’  The number was blocked and service providers were not able to provide further information. Tonight was the first time that Bell publicly relayed this information to his listening audience.

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