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UFO hunters claim to have discovered a series of mysterious hidden alien structures on planet Mars. The structures, according to UFO and Mars anomaly hunters, appear to have been constructed by aliens wishing to conceal their presence from visitors to the planet.

Images showing the alleged mysterious Martian alien structures on Google Earth were uploaded to YouTube by UFO and alien hunter Sandra Elena Andrade on December 2, 2015.

However, some sources report that the mysterious structures were originally discovered by the prolific Mars anomaly hunter Marcelo Irazusta, who reported that he detected some of the structures despite efforts by NASA to conceal them using “crappy Photoshop.”

The images uploaded to YouTube by Andreda, who claims they are evidence of alien presence on Mars, have been viewed thousands of times by curious members of the UFO community. Many UFO enthusiasts appear convinced that they are authentic and reliable evidence of alien life on planet Mars.

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