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North America, particularly California, has been a hotspot for the odd flying objects which appear to stalk people's homes and some fear could sinisterly be looking for humans to abduct.

After viewing footage on YouTube of a sighting in California two weeks ago, Borr Magilicutty said: "They appear, show themselves. Next is abduction and missing time."

The latest sighting, which was recorded on video camera, happened in Los Angeles, California, which appears to be a alien hotspot.

It was the scene of a UFO sighting last month before a bizarre dead alien-looking creature was discovered outside a family home.

In the newest sighting, on Saturday, a man filmed a green orb with a pink centre from his home and worryingly said he saw an identical orb there two months earlier.

He said: "I caught the same orb in October 6th about the same time, same direction, same altitude."

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