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Those of you who read our articles on UFOs and extraterrestrials will know that we like to emphasize how seriously this topic is taken by government agencies around the world. Many people are still unaware of this, but it’s true —  in recent years, dozens of governments and defence intelligence agencies have officially released thousands of pages of UFO related documents into the public domain. The United States has yet to act on this information, but it seems to be in the works, as Barack Obama’s right hand man and the current head of Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign, John Podesta, announced last year that his biggest regret of 2014, even ahead of environmental issues, was not “securing the disclosure of UFO files.”

“I’m skeptical about many things, including the notion that government always knows best, and that the people can’t be trusted with the truth. The time to pull the curtain back on this subject is long overdue. We have statements from the most credible sources – those in a position to know – about a fascinating phenomenon, the nature of which is yet to be determined.” – John Podesta (taken from Leslie Kean’s 2010 New York Times bestseller, UFOs: Generals, Pilots, And Government Officials Go On The Record, in which Podesta wrote the forward)

We also like to point out, just to get our new readers more familiar with the topic, that these declassified files indicate not only that UFOs are commonly tracked on military ground radar, but also that they are tracked on air radar and visually confirmed by the pilots who are sent to check them out. This is precisely why hundreds of high ranking political and military personnel, alongside researchers and academicians around the world, have been speaking out about this topic for the past few years. You can read more about that here.

“There is abundant evidence that we are being contacted, that civilizations have been visiting us for a very long time.” – Dr Brian O’Leary, former NASA astronaut and Princeton physics professor

Along with all the photos, documents, and statements from ‘high ranking’ people, we also have a decent amount of officially verified UFO footage captured from amateur cameras, as well as footage of strange and inexplicable anomalies taken by NASA cameras. Below is one example out of many, and it comes from the the NASA STS-48 discovery space shuttle that went into orbit in 1991.

magine the footage that would be captured by a privately financed and managed constellation of small cubesats equipped with ultra high resolution, multi-spectral imaging technology. Whoever gets that off the ground will be responsible for the Disclosure that so many people have been clamoring for. That is something worth sinking some serious bucks into. I'm surprised Elon Musk hasn't stepped up.To read more and view the video, click here.