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Argentina’s Air Force (FAA) has an official UFO investigation organization which studies photo and video UFO cases. Although they were established in mid-2011, they have just recently released their first report.

The FAA first announced the creation of a commission to investigate UFO reports in late December, 2010. In May, 2011, they officially launched the Commission for the Investigation of Aerospace Phenomena (CEFAe) with a ceremony at the Condor Building in Buenos Aires, the FAA Headquarters where CEFAe is also located.

Since then, not much has been heard from the organization, until now.

The website Inexplicata – The Journal of Hispanic Ufology  posted a translated story about a report posted on CEFAe’s website. The CEFAe website is very simple with just a few paragraphs of text explaining who they are and a link to download a form for UFO reports with photos or video. Below that is another simple link to the PDF report of cases they have investigated in 2015.

It is perhaps the most simple and bare website of any government or military on the internet.

The report is a bit more exciting – just a bit – and includes the investigation of 10 cases, most of which were reported in January, 2015. The investigators appeared to find prosaic answers to the cases. All but one of the cases included photos or videos.

One interesting aspect to CEFAe is that it relies on the help of civilian UFO investigators. In fact, most of the cases list who aided in the investigation, some of which are civilians. This adds to the transparency to the process.

We have posted a Google translated version of the report below. The original Spanish version can be found at the CEFAe website here.

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