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CNN’s flailing relationship with The Great Taboo turned another page before its Tuesday night broadcast of the Republican debate in Las Vegas. In a 3-minute 18-second clip titled “How Nevada’s UFO hunters view the 2016 race,” producers followed three presumed researchers to the perimeters of Area 51 to grab uninteresting footage of lights in the night sky. “We” say presumed because the piece contains no narration, just a moody soundtrack punctuated with subtitled overlays and sound bites from three on-camera faces.

Considering how there’s no news hook tying the GOP contenders to the UFO issue, one assumes CNN was simply trying to show off how thoroughly it had covered every conceivable niche, and then some, in its debate buildup. Indeed, the online "UFO hunters" replay is filed in CNN’s “Politics” archives. Talk about Thinking Outside The Box – the producers even labeled one montage “The Cosmic Unconsciousness Of The 2016 Election,” without bothering to tell us what the hell they meant by that.

It's not "unconsciousness." It is a deliberate corporate policy of deception dictated from on high. To read more, click here.