Cliff  Barackman is a Bigfooter first and a celebrity second. As one of the stars of Animal Planet’s Finding Bigfoot, Barackman travels the country investigating reported Sasquatch sightings. Though the TV cameras have not always been present, this gig is nothing new for the analytical researcher. Barackman has been investigating Bigfoot sightings for 20 years, painstakingly crafting a process he hopes will one day lead to irrefutable evidence that will prove the Sasquatch cynics wrong.

When Barackman first receives word of a Bigfoot sighting, he scrutinizes every word of the witness’s tale before launching his search. “They’re the expert in what happened to them, and I just let them talk,” Barackman says. As he listens, the Bigfooter calls upon his decades of experience to separate fact from fiction. “I’m very acutely aware of what I deem as observation versus interpretation. Being humans, we have the tendency to anthropomorphize animals in general, and Sasquatches even more so because we think we understand their body language and nonverbal communication,” he says.

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