Could it be that the UFO’s in the sky are actually Alien ‘probes’? According to leading Mathematicians YES!

In recent months a new statement from two top mathematicians in the UK, from the University of Edinburgh, have stated that “Alien probes” could very well be operating in our very own Solar System – Possibly scouting the area for signs of life and habitable planets.

Could this mean that the now well-known Black Knight Satellite might actually be a reality? And now supported by Science? It appears that way doesn’t it.  This could also help explain what many of these sightings are seen above the planet, including those bright pulsing large Orbs that many of us around the world have witnessed over the years.

The scientists from the University of Edinburgh believe that there is a good possibility that “self-replicating” robotic ET spacecraft are now exploring our very own solar system that we live in. If true, these probes would be a product of such highly advanced technology, impossible for us to yet understand – it could also mean that these probes could even appear completely invisible to human beings, the researchers said.

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