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Sometime in 1966, a 33-year-old author from Switzerland started conceptualizing an unusual plot for his book. After in-depth research and meetings with numerous science buffs, the book finally saw the light of day in 1968.

Chariot of the Gods wasn’t just a sci-fi story that was read and relished. It sparked a lot of controversy, as it questioned the very existence of God.

In a matter-of-fact tone, each chapter confronted our long-held belief system, and stated that the divine almighty is, in fact, an alien species, far superior to the human race.

Like Darwin’s Theory Of Evolution, many considered Erich von Daniken’s Chariot of the Gods a modern day blasphemy. But that did not stop the far-fetched alien book from being a best seller.

Speaking from his home in Switzerland, Erich von Daniken, now 83, still claims that his bestseller depicts the truth about the universe, its beings and their evolution.

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